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About Tax And Law Spain

Tax & Law Spain Is A Legal Assistance And Tax Consulting Law Firm That Specializes In Providing Optimal Solutions For Online Businesses And Individuals.

Experts in our field

Tax regulations and administrative directives are subject to constant change.  
Our field expertise enables us to identify the particular conditions of our clients and design optimal strategies based upon them.
Our knowledge of the law enables us to rapidly analyze your case and act accordingly and in close coordination with our clients.

Results Speak for themselves

We have worked with over 150 different accounts and helped individuals and enterprises to overcome legal and administrative boundaries. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every step is undertaken to offer our clients the most efficient and time-saving solutions.  

During our extensive professional trajectory we have worked with a wide range of  accounts including international expats, online retailers and global players supporting them with top-level advise adapted to their situation.

Full collaboration and transperency

We know that legal matters can be daunting. This is why our work is fundamentally based on simplifying and effectively communicating every aspect of your case.

Reliability and trust are the core values of our work. To ensure the best possible representation of our clients, we work close with you on a tailored step to step solution based on your individual needs and keep you constantly updated about  important changes within the complex legal field that surrounds your daily activities.


Multilingual services

In order to offer the best possible representation of our clients we communicate with local authorities in their respective mother tounge. 

We speak English, German and Spanish fluently and thus are able to represent out clients interest in an unambiguous way. 

Besides we are familiar with the legal idiosyncrasies of each of those countries, which enables us to guide our clients with professionalism and dedication 

Fair payment plans

Our philosophy is that high quality consultancy and legal representation should be feasible to everyone. This is why we always offer fair price conditions.

In accordance with our full transparency policy we are following a clear process when a new client contacts us.

In a first free consultation we evaluate your case and disclose the options available to you. 

For most of the cases we are able to offer a fixed price basis with no hidden costs. For more complex matters we will give  you a close estimation of the fees to expect.

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Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

  • Registered lawyer/accountant in Spain -with License Nr.  ICAV Nº 18680
  • L.L.M. in the Law University  Passau, Germany 
  • Degree Law + Master Universidad Valencia, Spain.

education background

  • Trainee at EY Valencia: fusion, adquisition companies.
  • Trainee at PwC Valencia: Company Income taxation.
  • MA Abogados Palma de Mallorca: Bank demands.

Professional Experience

  • Conselleria Valencia (Public Sector) Contracts with private companies, Auctions.
  • Ayuntamiento Valencia: Licenses for economical activities.

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