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We have vast experience in both German and Spanish Law. Our practice portfolio consists of numerous services in the field of tax, administration and urban law, as well as corporate responsibility and commercial contracts. It’s our claim to guide our clients through all these fields with determination¬†¬†and diligence.¬†
We pride ourselves on our large variety of cases in these fields. Clients with the most varied profiles call upon our service. We advise and collaborate with expats, online sellers as well as larger business accounts. Please click on a specific practice area below for more information.

Service Portfolio

Amazon FBA Solutions
Complex help with all matters regarding selling your products. FBA advice and strategy for maximize earnings for your online business channels.
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Trademark Registration
If you want to protect your brand by a trademark, Tax and Law Spain will help you to do it in a legal way.
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Property Law
If you want to rent or buy a real estate, Tax and Law Spain will make a legal assessment of your contract.
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Residency Registration
If you arrived to Spain and you want to get NIE number, Tax and Law Spain is here to help you.
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Co. Registration &VAT Filings
Check out subscription plans regarding VAT reports for German tax office.
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Notary Assistance
The role of a notary is important when you buy of sell a property in Spain. Tax and Law Spain will provide you a legal support in order to choose the best option for you.
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Digitalization is democratizing retail businesses all over the world. In an ever globalizing world business opportunities become limitless. However, increasing opportunities in an international enviornment can also bring more complexity for the involved parties. Tax & Law Spain provides sophisticated guidance and legal counsel in wide range of tax and administrative matters. Thanks to our extensive backgrounds and experience we are able to offer long term solutions to our clients so they can focus on what really matters: Their business! 

We are here to support you along the way and take over all administrative hurdles when it comes to expanding and scaling your business on an international level. We are passionate about the work we do and pride ourselves in ensuring that every step is undertaken to offer our clients the most efficient and timesaving solutions. 

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