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Understanding OSS VAT Reporting in Europe: When to Register and Which Country to Choose
29 May 2024
#OSSVAT #VATCompliance #EcommerceEurope #CrossBorderSales #VATRegistration As e-commerce continues to...
B2B and B2C Transactions in Germany
17 May 2024
Understanding VAT Responsibilities in B2B and B2C Transactions in Germany When engaging in business transactions...
Changes form 210 tax return Spain. Taxes for rental. Updates from 2024!
15 May 2024
210 tax return. What is form 210 AEAT? Form 210 for the Spanish Tax Agency is the tax return form by...
Power of attorney before the AEAT
13 May 2024
Power of attorney before the AEAT Learn how you can grant power of attorney before the AEAT (Spanish...
Deducting insurance for the income tax as a self-employed in Spain.
28 March 2024
Home work: NEW deductions freelancers in Spain , costs from VAT, Renta 2023.
12 March 2024
Income tax report 2023, report in Spain, Spanish tax agency, pay taxes in Spain as a resident or as a...
Form 100 - Personal Income Tax Return (Renta). and Form 720 - Declaration of assets and rights located abroad 
27 February 2024
Freealancer, self-employed in Spain 2024. Start your activity!
22 February 2024
Amount of the flat rate for the self-employed in 2024 The entry into force of the new contribution system...
Six New Tax Deductions for Residents of Valencia
21 February 2024
The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Carlos Mazón, announced six new tax deductions for residents...
EU's DAC7: A Guide for Digital Platforms & Sellers (2024 Update)
19 February 2024
Tired of complex tax rules? The EU’s DAC7 Directive simplifies things for digital platforms like...
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