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Each case differs from another. At Tax & Law Spain we are aiming to provide high qualitive services at fair prices. Prior to defend your interests we will analyze your situation together and create a transparent price breakdown according to your needs. It’s easy and hasslefree.  Get your first free consultation here. 

We offer several payment gateways. You can choose between credit card, transfer or stripe. If you have a valid EU bank account you may also use SEPA direct debit system. 

Our firm is specialized in crossboarder e-commerce law as well as Spanish and German tax law. With that focus we work together with online sellers such as dropshippers and Amazon FBA merchants helping them to overcome the legal boundaries when it comes to enter the German online marketplace. This service includes VAT registrations and regular tax declarations. 

Besides we assist you at a wide range of legal and administrative procedures on Spanish ground. This includes the application for all required documents when moving to Spain, assisting your with your tax obligations, registering your company (S.L.) on Spanish territory or consulting you on country specific property assesments. 

We aim to offer a transparent and hasslefree service for you.
We closely cooperate with our clients and make sure that they are aware of all important matters concerning their cases. In a first free consultation we analyze your individual situation and provide a transparent step by step solution informing you about all important changes on a regular basis. 

You can contact us via email, phone or livechat. Usually we respond in the same day but we compromise that we get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours. 

German authorities usually take approximately 3 weeks in order to issue a VAT Number. There are country specific exceptions but we will inform you accordingly in a first phone consultation and prior to apply for the process. 

As a basis you will need to provide us with a proof of existence of the company you want to register for as well as the ID of the shareholder(s) and the legal representative of the company. Additional documents may be required. We will inform you accordingly after analyzing your individual situation. 

Yes! As your legal representative we also provide you with a valid NIE Number. However, for doing so you will need to provide a signed PoA from your country of origin in order to proceed with the corresponding applications. You will be informed about all required documentation to provide prior to iniate the process. 

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