Illness, sick leave in Spain and payroll

Sick leave in Spain

What happens if I am ill? In that case, a period of temporary incapacity begins in the labour legislation in Spain.

What to do when I get ill while working for a Spanish company?

As described, a period of temporary incapacity begins regarding the labour law in Spain.

During the period of temporary incapacity, the worker is not entitled to a salary.

To compensate for this situation, the worker is entitled to a temporary incapacity benefit as follows:

  • For the first three days, nothing is paid.
  • From day 4 to day 20 you receive 60% of your salary.
  • From the 21st day onwards, 75% of your salary.

The company will pay this percentage of the salary until the 15th day of sick leave, from the 16th day onwards it will be the State who will pay this percentage of the salary.

Depending on your job and where you are working, a law called “convenio colectivo” applies.
If the collective agreement establishes an improvement, the Social Security will not pay for it. It will only pay for what is required by law. This means that, if the agreement establishes that the worker must receive 100% of his/her salary during sick leave, the company is responsible for this extra payment.

Different sick leave in Spain.

There are other different sick leave, so there are differences when you suffer an accident by reaching your office or during the working hours, related to the risks that your work has. Maternity leave of professional sickness leave are taking another leave situation regulation, so you´re receiving 75% of your salary or 100% of your salary, if one situation or other happens.

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