Understanding OSS VAT Reporting in Europe: When to Register and Which Country to Choose

#OSSVAT #VATCompliance #EcommerceEurope #CrossBorderSales #VATRegistration
#OSSVAT #VATCompliance #EcommerceEurope #CrossBorderSales #VATRegistration

As e-commerce continues to flourish across Europe, understanding the intricacies of VAT reporting becomes essential for businesses engaged in cross-border sales. The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) VAT scheme, introduced by the European Union, simplifies VAT compliance for online sellers. In this article, we’ll delve into what OSS VAT reporting entails, when a business needs to register under this regime, and how to determine the appropriate country for registration.

What is OSS VAT Reporting?

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) VAT reporting scheme is a unified system that allows businesses to report and pay VAT for sales of goods and services to consumers in multiple EU countries through a single online portal. This scheme significantly reduces the administrative burden for businesses by consolidating VAT obligations across the EU.

When is OSS VAT Registration Needed?

Businesses need to register for the OSS VAT scheme under several circumstances:

  1. Cross-Border Sales to Consumers: If your business sells goods or services to consumers in other EU countries and the total value of these sales exceeds €10,000 annually, you must register for OSS. This threshold applies to the cumulative value of sales across all EU countries, not per country.
  2. E-commerce Platforms: Online marketplaces facilitating sales for other sellers are required to register for OSS if they handle cross-border sales within the EU.
  3. Non-EU Businesses: If you are a non-EU business making sales to EU consumers, you can also use the OSS scheme, known as the non-Union OSS scheme, to simplify your VAT reporting.
  4. Telecommunication, Broadcasting, and Electronic Services (TBE): Providers of TBE services to consumers in the EU must register for OSS if their sales exceed the €10,000 threshold.

Which Country to Choose for OSS Registration?

Determining the appropriate country for OSS registration depends on the location of your business:

  1. EU-Based Businesses: If your business is established in the EU, you should register for OSS in the country where your business is established. This means using the VAT registration and reporting system of your home country for all EU-wide sales.
  2. Non-EU Businesses: Non-EU businesses can choose any EU member state for their OSS registration. This flexibility allows you to select a country with favorable administrative procedures or language preferences. Once chosen, this country will be the point of contact for all VAT reporting under the OSS scheme.

Steps to Register for OSS VAT

  1. Determine Eligibility: Confirm that your business meets the criteria for OSS registration based on the nature and volume of your sales.
  2. Choose a Member State: For EU businesses, this will be your home country. Non-EU businesses should select a preferred member state.
  3. Register Online: Complete the registration process through the VAT portal of the chosen member state. You will need to provide business details, VAT identification number, and other relevant information.
  4. Start Reporting: Once registered, you can report and pay VAT on all qualifying sales through the OSS portal. Ensure that you maintain accurate records of all cross-border sales.

Benefits of OSS VAT Registration

  • Simplified Compliance: OSS consolidates VAT reporting into a single system, reducing the need to register for VAT in each EU country where you make sales.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: With OSS, businesses file a single quarterly VAT return, covering all sales to consumers across the EU.
  • Cost Efficiency: By streamlining VAT compliance, OSS can lower administrative costs and reduce the risk of errors in VAT reporting.

Is this a benefit when you sell on Amazon.

On Amazon each seller and account is different, so every seller must do be aware for their own interest and choose the best option that fits him and makes him the better benefit of that business. For instance if you are settling on Amazon and you have VAT registration in one of the European countries , I would not recommend you to pay the fees and register for OSS. Their option to take this VAT way to report is about the above  mentioned sales exceeding €10,000 annually: For these cases you will need to consider if it fits you better to register in another country for VAT and start storing your items also in this country.

Single Country Storage: Under OSS, you can only store your products in one EU country where you are VAT registered before the sale. This means that if you store your products in a single country, shipping products to other EU countries will incur additional fees due to cross-border shipping costs.

Multiple VAT Registrations: If you register for VAT in multiple EU countries, condition needed to the Amazon Pan-European program, you can store and ship products from multiple locations. Amazon Logistics, for instance, splits and stores your items across various countries where you are VAT registered, facilitating faster and cheaper shipping within those countries and avoiding the additional fees due to cross-border shipping costs.


The OSS VAT scheme is a significant advancement in simplifying VAT compliance for businesses engaged in cross-border sales within the EU. Understanding when to register and selecting the appropriate country for registration are crucial steps in leveraging this system’s benefits. By registering under the OSS regime, businesses can ensure efficient VAT compliance, allowing them to focus on growth and expansion in the European market.

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#OSSVAT #VATCompliance #EcommerceEurope #CrossBorderSales #VATRegistration

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