My German VAT number is currently invalid.

O sales, reporting
O sales, reporting

We received a request at the office from a customer:

My German Amazon has never been selling, and it is all 0 declarations. My German VAT number has not been declared since June 2021, and now it is displayed in an abnormal state, that is, it is currently invalid. I don’t know if you can help me deal with this issue, make it valid, and file tax information. Is it possible?

If you did not report during a period of time, It depends on, where is your company based, it is possible to solve without fines, specially, if sales were 0.

For solving that, you should contact an accountant specialised on those kind of issues and report and solve all fines that you should have received.

If you want to conserve your VAT number for selling in Germany, you should de-activate it for a period, so you do not have expenses for making reports. Remember: Even if your sales are 0, you must submit reports and inform from that situation.

German tax office takes silence (not reporting) as a fraud and send estimations for a payment. Even if the fine has been sent, you still have the obligation to submit your report.

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