Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) online seller Germany

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) norms are mandatory for online marketplaces sellers from June 2022.

If in the display screen of your Amazon seller account, you found this message:

Extended Producer Responsibility ( EPR ) compliance for Germany.

If you sell in Amazon.de, provide your LUCID number for Packaging category.
Otherwise, Amazon will start blocking your non-compliant listings on June 15, 2022. Ignore if already provided.

Your sales could be blocked if you don´t follow the following instructions from this video, so you can get your registration code.

Videlo Link:

Please, do not forget that the registration should be done with the Email of the manager, Director or board member of the company.

German packaging act comes into force on 1st of January 2019 the packaging manufacturers and Traders to sell as first Distributors that products with the relevant commercial based in Germany to private consumers.

It´s created to control packaging that is typically accumulate and waste companies need to register with the master data in the packaging register lucid and Report brand names which are distributed by them. They have to register themselves and the registration must be made by a person authorized to represent the company. If the company has more than one legal representative only one person authorized to represent the company needs to be nominated at the registration, for example, an individual board member but authorized agents for a head of Department.  Additionally be the person authorized to represent the company for an additional person. This registration is free of charge and you can you apply for registration.

Please hold the check list for the registration available on this domain website https://www.verpackungsregister.org/, you can find there all the information, it can be downloaded onto www.verpakungsregister.org orientation. In case  you realize that you fulfill the requirements for the registration you should create your access to the packaging register lucid with the above mentioned link.

Step 1:

You can create your access to the packaging register lucid.

Packaging registration
Lucid registration Germany

Please do not close the browser window while data introducing for the registration and until the login application ends.

On the first data screen, please introduce  the name of your company as well as the first name and surname of the person authorized to represent your company.

The green question marks will help you  you to understand that comes into the checkmarks though the information is available on the right edge of the screen call. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Step 2:

On the login please enter the contact person of the company with the email address of the contact person and boardember, for example, an administrator or a person has to ensure the correct input of all registration details.

Afterwards you enter the password of your choice the designated contact person received the email correspondence with the central Verpackungsregister in English the central agency packaging registration.

Step 3:

Please check the correctness of your details and confirm the terms of use.

Now you can create your login in the email inbox of the contact person .

You’ll find an activation Email. right now you have 24 hours to complete the application for the login

Make sure that the Domain www.verpackungsregister.com is classified as safe by your system/computer you have time today to do the login

Please sign-in now to continue the registration please do not close the browser window before completing the entries otherwise you’ll entries I won’t be saved

Step 4:

You will be now be asked to entry your tax identification number.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

If you don’t have a value-added tax identification number please , set your UTR or VAT in your country of origin.

For the national identification number add your commercial register number, for example, or other the entry as a national identification number, like the registration Number on companies House for based UK Companies, or Registration Number at the Secretary of State for US Companies.

Please enter the name of the register or authority who has issued the national identification number foreign companies enter the respective details pull the country.

Step 5:

Please set your brand names. if you don’t have brand names please enter the name of the company. If you’ve stated that the brand is being withdrawn the registration for this brand on the packaging register Lucid will expire on the date stated. this detail is optional if you would like to add several Brands we recommend XML.

Packaging compliance Germany
Packaging compliance Germany

Step 6:

Please choose option in wich applicable segment to your company to provide details about the existence of product groups and packaging times. The central Verpackungstelle in English, “Central agency packaging register” uses these voluntary statements in the context of the data analysis. I would not add any information, as this is not mandatory.

Step 7:

In the last screen you have an overview of the registration application you can review your entries.

Please check the last three boxes, in order to state that you agree the registration conditions.

After accepting you will receive an email with the preliminary registration number of the information . This number must be copy and pasted in the Amazon seller erp verification.

If you know want to know more about German VAT registration from a UK company, please read this article , Link.

Hopefully this information provided is helpful for you. If you have any question/need more specifications regarding the above mentioned list,  you can contact me to: +49 1520 8381499 or Email to Erica@taxandlawspain.com


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