Spanish Income Tax Return 2021

On 6 April 2022, the 2021 Income Tax Return Campaign officially kicked off, which will be open until it ends on 30 June 2022.
Throughout these three months taxpayers will have to comply with its presentation, although it is worth remembering that not everyone is obliged to present the Income Tax Return 2021.
Among the criteria, there are certain minimum incomes that make filing the tax return in 2022 obligatory or not. We are talking about income from work, pensions, unemployment benefits, property income or real estate income.
To make it clear to you, we tell you who is obliged to file their income tax return this year and who is exempt.
Who has to file the Income Tax Return 2021?
In general, all taxpayers are obliged to file a tax return, as established by the Personal Income Tax Law. However, there are certain exceptions.
The Tax Authorities have published an order regulating the 2021 Income Tax Campaign, indicating the tax return models, the ways to access the draft and its presentation, and the situations in which it is not obligatory to file the return.
Firstly, we are going to review who is obliged to file the 2021 Income Tax Return depending on the origin and amount of their income:
Workers who receive income from work in excess of 22,000 euros per year.
Workers who receive income from two or more payers of more than 14,000 euros per year and have received 1,500 euros or more from the second and the remaining payers.
Persons with total income of more than 14,000 euros who receive:
Compensatory pensions from the spouse or non-exempt maintenance annuities.
When the payer of the earned income is not obliged to withhold tax.
When they receive full income from work subject to a fixed withholding rate.
People with income from capital gains and/or capital gains of more than 1,600 euros gross per year, provided that they have been subject to withholding or payment on account.
Persons whose income from imputed real estate income, income from Treasury Bills, subsidies for the acquisition of subsidised housing or other capital gains derived from public aid is greater than 1,000 euros gross per year as a whole.
Who are exempt from filing a tax return?
Now we are going to explain who are those people who are not obliged to file the Income Tax Return 2021:
Citizens with full income from work or capital and from economic activities or capital gains that do not exceed 1,000 euros gross per year as a whole.
Citizens who have had capital losses of less than 500 euros, whatever their nature.
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