How much I am receiving for sick leave due to common illness?

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How much is sick leave payable for sick leave due to common illness?

To find out how much you will be paid for sick leave due to common illness, the first thing to do is to get a pay slip for the previous month. You have to look up the amount that appears in the “Base Salary” to find out how much you will receive for those days when you are ill and cannot go to work.

  • For the first three days, no amount is paid. In other words, 100% of your salary will be deducted for the first three days you are sick.
  • From the fourth to the twentieth, 60% is paid. This always starts to be done by the company, but from the 16th day you are sick, the salary will be paid by the Social Security, which will be in charge of you. Actually, this money paid from the company will be compensate with the debts, so at the end, Social Security is also paying this salary. Company must to pay in advance, but it will be refunded/compensate yearly to the company.
  • From the 21st day of sick leave, 75% of the regulatory base is paid.

All those amounts here described are always received if you get the sick leave certificate from the public insurance centre competent regarding your place of residence. If you want to find out more about the public insurance centre competent and the regional insurance card (SIP) Tarjeta Sanitaria for Spain, you can check this Blog article (cooming soon), it’s also described the possibilities you  have os getting public health insurance (for free) as a worker or freelancer in Spain.

In that certificate of sick leave that states from a Spanish public doctor that you’re officially ill  is shown the date when you started getting bad (sometime, it could happen, you don’t get an appointment at the same day). The certificate of sick leave or illnes, in Spanish, baja laboral looks different in each region, but basically shows this information:

Sick leavecertificate

When you get sick, you need to provide this above  certificate to the manager of the company you’re working for, or HR department.

The information shown is important, specially the starting date of sick. In most of the occasions, you can get it within 72 hrs after the day you started being sick/ did not attend your work.

This date will count for determine your salary during your working days

Very important: not providing any document could deal to: not get any salary for those days, and even, for an unjustified absence at work. It means that the manager of the company you work for in Spain will not pay any day’s salary, as it is an unjustified absence from work, and can even lead to the dismissal of the worker by the manager of the company without any type of compensation for dismissal from work, as it is an unjustified absence.

If you would like to know more about some types of sick leave for reasons other than a common illness, you can read the article 8 cases in which workers are given days off

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