Changes form 210 tax return Spain. Taxes for rental. Updates from 2024!

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210 tax return. What is form 210 AEAT?

Form 210 for the Spanish Tax Agency is the tax return form by which taxpayers who do not reside in Spain, self-assess their real income obtained in our country or income, capital gains and/or real estate allocations related to properties located in our country.

In short, the Spanish Non-Resident Income Tax (IRNR) is a tax that aims to tax the income obtained within Spanish territory by individuals or legal entities that do not reside in Spain.

Deadlines for filing the 210 tax return.

Depending on the type of income taxed, there are several deadlines:

Being the owner, living or lot at the property, not renting it to other people: Urban property: it must be declared during the calendar year following the date of accrual.
In other words, form 210 filing deadline 2024 is from 1 January to 31 December of the year following the year in which the property has been enjoyed. This is because until the end of the year we will not know how many days we have the property in our possession (we can always sell it before the end of the year).

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter if you have used it or not. Evenif you have not been able to move to ‘enjoy’ their second home, but they still have to apply it.

Income derived from the sale of real estate: the deadline is 3 months from the first month after the sale of the property.
You have to file as many 210 forms as the number of properties sold. If the property is owned by a non-resident married couple, in this exceptional case only one declaration is allowed.

Income derived from the rental of property. As a novelty and effective from 01/01/2024, the annual grouping of this income is allowed. Thus, income obtained in 2024 may be filed between 1 January and 20 January 2025.
Other income: this is quarterly. During the first 20 calendar days of the months of January, April, July and October. In each of them, the income accrued in the previous quarter is included (as with VAT).
If the result is zero tax liability, the form must be filed from 1 to 20 January of the following year.

as understanding what is tax deductible and what is not can be complicated, it is best to talk to tax advisors to maximise these opportunities and take advantage of the deductions available on your tax return.

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#Form210AEAT, #NonResidentTaxSpain, #IRNR, #SpanishPropertyTax, #TaxDeadlinesSpain

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