How to introduce the „número de soporte” correctly.

In this blog post I´m going to help you how to obtain the „número de soporte”. This number is sometimes very useful for the IRPF (income tax report in Spain).

How to obtain the support number of your foreign card?
Num Soporte TIE
Num Soporte TIE
How to obtain the support number of your residence permit?



Permiso de residencia
Residence permit card. Permiso de residencia

The support number to be entered must be 9 digits long: a letter E followed by 8 numerical characters. If the support number on your card is less than 8 numerical characters long, you must enter as many zeros as there are missing numerical characters after the letter E.

How to obtain the support number of your EU citizen certificate?

after the letter C.

If you need to introduce your número de soporte for Clave pin (Cl@ve pin), please take in consideration the following post:

What is Clave PIN? and how to get it. 

Thanks for reading this article. If you still having questions regarding how to get your Calve Pin in Spain for tax matters,  you can contact me to: +49 1520 8381499 or Email to

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