F22 certificate to start selling on Amazon Germany

22F online sellers
22F Bescheinigung for online selling Germany until June 2021

If you´re researching about selling on the marketplace Amazon and take part of the FBA Program for selling in Germany, you´ll realize that F22 certificate is not anymore needed.

Who asked you about F22 certificate? Probably someone that is not updated.

Since the new law reform from 1st July 2021 , this F22 certificate for online sellers in Germany is not anymore needed. Now when you register for VAT in Germany, you´re getting VAT and TAX number, so you can easily validate your seller account writing those numbers and after the proof, everything will be ready for stating having sales in the German Marketplace, having the opportunity to store in all Amazon warehouses in Germany.

Please, remember that this 22f Certificate for online selling in Germany won´t be requested, as the rule has changed and the Marketplace Amazon is taking more responsability regarding the unpaid VAT.

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