Importing to the EU with a UK company

For most of the cases, when I give assessment to my customers, they´re usually shipping to Germany. Appoint representation that is going to act as an Importer of Record (IOR) if the consignee is not the declarant is something very important that you should never forget. You can´t be declarant being from outside the EU, it means all companies that are not situated in the EU, and also applying to United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, with a Limited company in most of the cases.

The IOR (Importer of Record) is responsible and liable for your customs declarations.

Businesses importing to the EU in their own name must appoint an IOR (Importer of Record). Please, let me know if you need this representation, current customers, normally does not have that problem while joining Tax And Law Spain accountant services.

What documents do you need for preparing your shipment?  How to Ship from the EU to the UK since Jan 2021?

Following documentation must be provided:

  • complete a commercial invoice.
    • it contains important information about your shipment, including:
      The sender
      • The destination
      • The contents, including the quantity and what it’s made from
      • Its value
      • Harmonized System (HS) Codes
  • Proof or origin of goods
  • EORI representant
  • German VAT Number + data, in order to get the invoice on that name, for getting it refunded.

If you know want to know more about German VAT registration from a UK company , please read this article , Link.

Hopefully this information provided is helpful for you. If you have any question/need more specifications regarding the avobe mentioned list,  you can contact me to: +49 1520 8381499 or Email to


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