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What is Clave PIN? How to get Clave PIN?

_Clave PIN
_Clave PIN Spain

It is a way of carrying out procedures over the Internet with a limited period of validity that can be renewed whenever we need to. This electronic identification system is based on the use of a code chosen by the user and a PIN communicated to the phone via the Cl@ve PIN app or an SMS message.

All things you can do yourself with Clave Pin:

  • Check all tax reports that your previous accountant has submitted, with data and all details.
  • Submit simple tax reports that you can do on your own.
  • Check with Seguridad Social, how much is your quotation and payment for the current month or the past month.

  • Read and download all notifications from the tax office or Seguridad Social.

If you need to know how to get your Clave PIN , in this post, I´m making you a little tutorial about how to get it.

Please, be aware that you need:

  • A Spanish mobile phone number for receiving sms.

  • Your ID and NIE available.

  • A Smartphone or computer for videocall, microphone and video should be activated.

This process consists about get Clave PIN through a videocall for your ID verification

Instructions for Clave PIN:

1st: introduce your NIE number.

2nd: Número de soporte: Please note that Número de soporte is only available when you have:

  • Certificado residente UE

  • Residence permit

Try if the video call is working.

Next screen: Click to “Continuar”

Clave PIN Spain
How to get clave pin

Accept terms and conditions.

Clave Pin
Terms and conditions. I accept that microphone and camera are working properly.

After accepting Terms and conditions for getting your clave pin, the button “Acceder a la Videollamada” will be available. Access to videocall “ videollamada”.

Open access to videocall
Access activation to videocall

To, please

Awaiting screen:

Awaiting for Videocall
Awaiting for Videocall

Please note: This service is only available weekly days from 9 to 14 (please check exactly, if there´s a holiday or something similar, or time could change).

It’s an official video call for verify your ID and NIE. Please, do not forget:

  • A Spanish mobile phone number for receiving sms.

  • Your ID and NIE available.

  • A Smartphone or computer for video-call, microphone and video should be activated.

If your NIE or número de soporte aren´t working, please take in consideration the following post:

How to introduce the número de soporte correctly.


Thanks for reading this article. If you still having questions regarding how to get your Calve Pin in Spain for tax matters,  you can contact me to: +49 1520 8381499 or Email to Erica@taxandlawspain.com

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