How to get NIE number in Spain?


If you are thinking about buying a real estate in Spain or about moving to Spain for work purposes, you should definitely start thinking about NIE number, as it is necessary to start looking for employment opportunities or to sign a contract with employer in Spain. The process of getting the NIE number may take long time, as it is advisable to apply for this important document at the very beginning.

What is NIE number?

Numero de Identificación Extranjero is a personal tax identification number used for dealing with many businesses in Spain. This number is issued for those, who are not Spanish nationals. NIE number is given permanently to you, as it is assigned once for life.

What do you need NIE for?

  • To rent a flat,
  • to be employed,
  • to open the bank account,
  • to buy and sell real estates,
  • to study in Spain,

and many more activities. It is needed for all legal, financial, professional or social matters in Spain.

What you should do to get the NIE number?

There are 2 ways to get the NIE number:

  • on the police station in Spain or Oficina de Extranjeros (here you can check the police stations and immigration offices) ,
  • in the embassy of Spain located in your country.

The requirements may differ depending on the region. Usually what you will need to prepare is:

  • passport or ID,
  • the NIE aaplication form in Spanish (EX-15, you can fing it here),
  • copy of your passport or ID,
  • 2 photos (like for the passport)
  • confirmation of payment for NIE (available here)

Apart from that, you have to be able to demonstrate the reason why you need NIE for (work contract in Spain, letter of acceptance from the univeristy, the contract confirming the intention to buy the real estate etc.).

First of all, you should book the appointment (on this website in the region of Spain you are interested in. Then you go to the police station in the time selected on the website.

How much time does the application process take?

Usually, you have to wait more or less a month for the appointment, so that it is advisable to do it as soon as possible. Then, the procedure at the police takes more or less 3 to 5 days. For the residents outside EU it may take longer (1 week).

How does NIE look like?

NIE is composed of letters (X or Y), then 7 or 8 numbers and a letter at the end.

How much does it cost?

9,84 €

Tips for applying for NIE in Spain

The requirements to get NIE number may differ depending on the region. The best way is to ask your foreigner friends or to directly call the police office what you will need for that day. It is better to bring all the documents with you rather than wait another month for another “cita previa”. The available appointsments are added on the webpage every Friday around 9.30. What you will also need is a Spanish phone number, as the confirmation code will be sent there.


Thank you very much for reading this article. Tax&Law Spain can help you to overcome other complex matters regarding the NIE number. If you have questions considering the NIE number and you are looking for a professional advice and guidance, you can contact me via WhattsApp (+49 1520 8381499) or e-mail (

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